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Jan 21st, 2018, 09:16am

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 1   Fan-fic & Fan-art / Re: The Evolution of Sage  on: Jan 2nd, 2018, 3:09pm
Started by Nadav | Post by luana
Gourgeous, as ever!
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 2   General Discussion / Re: Sage in "The Gifted" (TV series)  on: Jan 2nd, 2018, 3:04pm
Started by Nadav | Post by luana
I've been enjoying the Gifted but I've found Sage to be so and so. There's definately a few nods to her style in the comics and I liked the quick eye effect they used to show her powers, but she lacks stoicicism and always seems a little suprised by the lines she's delivering.

She hasn't done much though and I'm still curious to see if she'll get any further development down the line or just continue to be the tech girl.

This does seem to be a Sage that is comparitively lacking in trauma, though.

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 3   General Discussion / Re: Legion - TV series (spoilers)  on: Jan 2nd, 2018, 2:59pm
Started by Nadav | Post by luana
I really enjoyed Legion and cannot wait for the second season.

It's a pretty loose adaptation, but the inspiration is definately there. It's been one of the most enjoyable adaptations, I think.
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 4   Fan-fic & Fan-art / The Evolution of Sage  on: Nov 22nd, 2017, 05:45am
Started by Nadav | Post by Nadav
User Image
Click to enlarge.

Sage (Tessa) is a mutant with the power to sense the mutant potential within others, and under the proper circumstances bring that promise into being. This mutant power includes total recall (perfect memory) combined with the ability to process and analyse all that information with a speed that puts the fasted computer to shame. (Clearly needed when dealing with something as complex as DNA.) Very elegant!

From left to right, first row --

• Mutant in Training - Tessa in the X-Man-in-training / New Mutant uniform.
At age 10-12 Tessa saved Charles Xavier after his legs were crushed by the alien Lucifer. After some traveling together (and saving a young mining engineer, Sebastian Shaw, on the way) they got separated. Six years later she showed up at his doorstep, looking for the teaching that he promised her.

• Hellfire Club - Professor Xavier sent Tessa to spy on Sebastian Shaw at the Hellfire Club. She was to serve as Shaw's shadow and report back to Xavier. She helped Shaw make his fortune in wager against mutant predator, Elias Bogan. Bogan knew who was responsible for his defeat and waited with inhuman patience to exact his retribution -- Bogan kidnapped Tessa. Sebastian Shaw could ransom her at the cost of everything he possessed but the price was too high for him. When Bogan couldn't break Tessa's will he marked her face with tattoos to remind them both of unfinished business. Storm rescued Tessa and brought her to the X-mansion.

• X-Treme X-Men - Storm brought Tessa to the mansion where she worked with Forge and served as the team's analyst. Storm soon led a splinter group of X-Men, including Tessa, now known as "Sage," away from the X-mansion on a quest to find Destiny's Diaries. She and Shadowcat created the Cyber Sunglasses for the team. Not only are they a communication device, they also function both as sophisticated scanning array with full spectrum sensors capability, and as terminals for an equally powerful data network. The sunglasses are also able to project holographic images. (Anything from keyboards, screens, and the image of the people in the conversation.)

• X-Treme X-Men (2) - Eventually Storm's X-Men team dropped their search for the diaries and started working with the United Nations as a global mutant police force, the XSE. Sage wore a new costume, which had several variations, this one is Salvador Larroca's version of it, mostly from covers. Also, Sage and the team confronted Bogan and won.

Second row --

• Uncanny X-Men - Storm's team returned to the X-Mansion, still continuing their work as XSE. Sage had her own house on the mansion's grounds. She got back to her older X-Men costume plus a new hooded jacked. (The jacket has similar capabilities to the Cyber Sunglasses.) (The outfit was coloured purple even though it was essentially the old Larroca costume. Perhaps initially the purple was the light from the monitors she was viewing, and somehow that stuck. Presented here in purple too, just to add some diversity in colour.)

• Hellfire Club (2) - After a fight with Viper, Sage followed her to a new gathering of the Hellfire Club. Sage arranged for Sebastian Shaw and Donald Pierce to fight each other so Roberto da Costa (Sunspot) could take over the Hellfire Club as its new Lord Imperial. She left the X-Men to watch over Roberto.

• New Excalibur - Sage joined a new Excalibur team that protected mutants that lost their powers on "M Day" (by the hands of the unhinged Scarlet Witch.) (The only thing that artist Michael Ryan didn't include in Sage's new costume design was the kitchen sink. Presented here down to the last seam.)

• New Exclaimer (2) - (new artist, new sleek look, drawing inspiration from her signature design.) Team member, Nocturne, experienced a stroke. Sage graciously allowed the bed ridden Nocturne to possess her body so she could stretch her legs and get some fresh air. Sage took back control over her own body after Nocturne was starting to have problems.

Third row --

• Diana Fox - in an attempt to infiltrate a new orgnaision of the Shadow Captains led by Albion, Sage went undercover as a fake character she invented - "Diana Fox." Albion was recruiting depowered mutants and Sage pretended to be one. She dyed her hair blonde, used green contact lenses and adopted a new persona. After days of interrogation and evaluation she convinced Alibion of her alleged loyalty. Like the other recruits she received a uniform that gave her super-strength and flight when worn, while at the same time working on the wearer's mind, emphasising loyalty to Albion. Sage was able to resist this mental onslaught and keep her true self inviolate thanks to her training and unbreakable human will. (Pictured in the background. The artist actually used her civvies from when she let Nocturne possess her body, and with different hairstyle. But I thought it would be fun to include it.)
Albion used a mysterious crystal-like device to inhibit the technology in Great Britain. Sage tried to stop him but a freak accident knocked her out, when she woke up Sage truly believed herself to be Diana Fox. She fought against Excalibur (slaying some of the Shadow King's puppets in the process) until she reasserted control of her mind and eliminated the Diana Fox persona. And helped Excalibur beat Albion.

• New Exiles - during a crossover with Exiles, the dying "Goddess" Roma forcibly transferred her eons-worth of memories and essences of creatures she had absorbed over the years into Sage's mind for safe-keeping. Sage feared it would fall into the wrong hands so she left Earth and joined Psylocke's Exiles team where she tried to cope with Roma's baggage. Roma's essence rejuvenated the Diana Fox persona and made her real in Sage's mind, in addition to all the other entities Sage had to fight inside her own head she now had Diana Fox to deal with, too. It was a constant struggle but Sage came on top every time. This outfit that she put together (from items she found in a treasure chest) represents the chaos in Sage's mind, also reflected in Diana's new costume. (While Sage was dealing with her own problems, the Exile known as "Cat" (a doppelganger of Shadowcat) was trying to fix the Exiles' home, the Crystal Palace, which was falling apart and with it the Omniverse.)

• New Exiles (2) - Merlyn came to claim his daughter Roma's memories. In order to stop Merlyn, one of the women had to surrender to the other so they'll have the strength to beat him. Sage convinced Diana that Diana should be the one to let go because unlike Sage she can't process Roma's knowledge as her own. Diana yielded and allowed Sage to reabsorb that part her of her mind back. She defeated Merlyn and merged her own soul with the Crystal Palace, stopping the Omniverse's collapse. The Crystal Palace's first choice was actually Cat, but she was too young and scared and couldn't handle it. Sage is now a being of energy with a human soul and the power of a goddess. (And back in a better costume.) She coordinates and monitors the Exiles' missions.
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 5   General Discussion / Sage in "The Gifted" (TV series)  on: Oct 18th, 2017, 11:53am
Started by Nadav | Post by Nadav

The Gifted‘s pilot episode was packed to the brim with Easter eggs and character reveals, but one may have slipped just under the radar: the introduction of Sage, the X-Men’s human supercomputer. The longtime X-Men character made her live-action debut during a scene in Polaris and Eclipse’s secret headquarters, where she coached Jamie Chung’s Blink on what would happen to her next.

She was not named in the scene, but Fox has confirmed to CBR that the character is indeed based on the same Sage who first appeared in Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s X-Men #132. Though she did not show her mutant powers in the pilot episode, she will as the series continues. Of course, since her mutation is her smarts, her super ability will be revealed through her dialogue in upcoming episodes.

Sage is played by actress Hayley Lovitt in The Gifted. Lovitt is no stranger to the world of comic book adaptations, having appeared in Powers as Michelle Claremont. She also played Janet van Dyne, aka the Wasp, in Ant-Man, though her character’s face was never shown on screen. Her past credits also include The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, One Tree Hill and more.

In the comics, Sage made her debut in 1980’s X-Men #132. Though she was one of the first mutants discovered by Charles Xavier, he did not enlist her at his school. Instead, he sent her undercover at the Hellfire Club, where she assumed the name Tessa and pretended to be Sebastian Shaw’s assistant. Since then, she has been affiliated with several mutant groups, including X-Treme X-Men, New X-Men and New Exiles. Notably, Blink was at one point made leader of the Exiles.

As something of a human supercomputer, Sage has eidetic — or photographic — memory, which means she can recall any memory she has experienced or any information she has learned. Even so, her abilities extend far beyond that. She can predict probabilities and perform multiple tasks at the same time. She even exerts total control of her body, which has allowed her to become a skilled martial artist. Her power gives her the ability to locate other mutants and understand how their powers work. She also possesses some telepathic abilities, like creating illusions and communicating over short distances. It is yet to be seen which abilities Sage will exhibit in The Gifted.

Airing Mondays at 9 pm ET/PT on Fox, The Gifted stars Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker, Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker, Sean Teale as Marcos Diaz/Eclipse, Coby Bell as Jace Turner, Emma Dumont cast as Lorna Dane/Polaris, Jamie Chung as Blink/Clarice Fong and Blair Redford as John Proudstar/Thunderbird, Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker and Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker.

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